Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sahaya Podupu Nidhi- Asha 2000

Mrs.P.Malathy, Project Officer, OXFAM (INDIA) TRUST, Hyderabad meeting with Sahaya Podupu Nidhi (thrift)group members.


Asha has organised Thrift programme from 1994.  Asha has initiated 23 Self Help Groups in 19 villages.  Enrollment of members are 447. Asha has collected total thrift amount of Rs.1.02 lakhs.  And disbursed loans upto Rs.52,000/-. Asha had conducted two training programmes and one exposure trip to Deccan Development Society, Jaheerabad to be self relient and govern themselves on their own.

Loans were given to the members on need based priority.  Many members took loans for Agriculture and very few for marriages and domestic needs. Recovery from members is 100%.

Asha trained the group leaders to maintain the self help group by their own.  We have made few guidelines for the groups with their due consultation and our experience. We suggestged all the members to strictly follow the rules for the Self Help Groups.  Some groups are following it up we are encouraging other groups to follow the guidelines prepared themselves. Few groups were collaborated with Vana Samrakshana Samithi (Joint Forest Management) of concerned village.  Ratnapuram, Pothanapally, Sirasanapally and Kuyuguru groups were  got matching grant of Rs.5,000/-per each VSS from A.P. Forest Department.

Later all the groups were taken over by VELUGU/INDIRA KRANTI PADAM by SERP. 

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