Saturday, February 23, 2013

Community Forest Rights (FRA-2006)

 Mrs. Madakam. Sayamma, Chairman of VSS Sirasanapalli. She is owner of 500 Hectares of Forest Land and (Community Forest Right-FRA) entitle to get all the benefits from the said forest along with all members of 32 families in the village. Now they have a good growth of regenerated Bamboo from out of their protection in the area. It is estimated that nearly 1,00,000 bamboos can be harvested from their allotted area, approximate cost will be 50.00 Lakhs. Each family suppose to get 1.50 Lakh. But it has long process to get required Transport Permit from Forest Department. We are trying to get help from all concerned officers and like minded people to achieve the target for the community.
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