Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tendu fruite (Devine fruite) Wild food - Community nutrition.

Tendu is one of the most important non-wood forest products of Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh and every year, it provides good income to both Tendu leaves collectors and the government. The valuable leaves are used for wrapping bidis, popular smoke of Indians.

The fruits of Tendu are edible and one of the popular wild fruits. The natives use the fruits in different religious ceremonies and offer it to the God and Goddess. The half ripe and matured fruits are used for tanning. It contains 23 and15% tannin, respectively. Bark is also a good source of tannin (19%). Although Tendu is an important non-wood forest produce but its utilization and sell are limited to Bidis industries. The natives and traditional healers have traditional medicinal knowledge about different parts of Tendu but Tendu is not known as medicinal tree among national and international buyers.

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