Sunday, March 30, 2014

Claiming - Community Forest Rights over Bamboo in VSS areas

Standing committee meeting (29.3.2014) of Gramasabha Sirasanapalli. Discussed Agenda about transport and lotting of extracted Bamboo (from VSS area) at Sirasanapalli village. VSS members extracted 60,000 long bamboo and 30,000 bundles of Industrial cuts. The villagers has to go a long process and procedure for getting auction of material and issuing transport permit. This is first VSS in Andhra Pradesh which got reward of Rs.5.00Lakhs in 2004 as 50% share of sale proceeds of Bamboo. Now the same village going to make record of claiming CFRA (?) and getting 100% benefit as FRA 2006 defined Bamboo as NTFP (Usefructory). Villagers advised to keep all record and take consensus decisions for every action. Two things we have to face: 1. We keep all the villagers informed about the process going and building unity among the youth. 2. we have to fight to get the Transport permit from the Forest Department, Opening Bank A/c, maintenance of accounts and book keeping.  

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