Monday, March 31, 2014


This year Mohva (Madhuca Indica) trees yield is very low. Every year each tree (35 Years old) will give 50 to 100 Kgs of Mohva flowers. And the season starts from first week of March and ends by 1st week of April. This year not yet any tree gave at least 5 Kgs of flower till now (31.3.2014). In our area each village have hundreds of Mohva trees as common and individual property. During these days men and old age people go to the trees at 3.30 am to gaurd the flowers from cattle and wild animals. Women and Children pick the follen flowers from the groud and make them dry under direct son. These dried flowers used for brewing arrack and used in every customary traditional event of the family and village. Marriage, death cermony, birth day function and as a payment after getting done a job for a family like bund farming, building hut etc; etc.

Asha has been studying from last 2 years for value adition to Mohva flowers by making eatables.   Last year Asha collected flowers by tying nets to the trees and arranging Tarpolyn sheets under the tree to get fresh flower. Asha tried to sale packed flowers in 100 grams packets. Prepared Mohva KALAKANDA, HALWA and JAAM. This year Asha contacted VASUNDARA of Odissa for conducting training to local tribal women in value addition of Mohva flower by making SAS, JAM, CAKE and LADDU. We hope to get good result of the activity. 

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