Monday, March 31, 2014

MAMIDI PANDUGA (Yerragondapakala)

Sandula Kannapu Reddy (Hill Reddy- Premative Tribe) in Yerragondapakala village performing "MAMIDI PANDUGA" (Mango festival). Hill reddies lives on hill tops, do podu cultivation. Main occupation is vieving vinnoving basket, Big baskets for grain carrying and grain storage baskets, Mats etc. They sell their bamboo baskets in near by market, now a days middle man come to these villages and take the material to the market. 

This festival they celebrate before eating Mango. They cook food with Fox tail millet and expect the pujari (Prayer) group other villagers are not served this food. All community members gather at this place, sing and dance for some time and enjoy the day. Bow & Arrow, traditional drums (RINJA) preserved till now and can be seen in the picture. 

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