Friday, April 11, 2014

30% Makes 100% Impossible

 10,000 Bamboo and 8 Tones of Industriat cuts (worth Rs.6.00 Lakhs) of VSS Sirasanapalli is burnt, while we are siting in the village to hold the meeting of Gramasabha to discuss about the agenda for the tommarrow's meeting convened by P.O., ITDA with Forest Department. 

VSS sirasanapalli got bamboo harvesting permission on 20th May,2012 and they started harvest during this year from 17th Feb, 2014. As agreed earlier by the Divisional Forest Officer, the amount  balance in VSS (Private) account can be used by the VSS members as advance, since they are harvesting bamboo, and the same amount will be repaid as soon as they get the sale proceeds of the felled Bamboo. But, the Officer who said all these was retired last year. 2 months back our P.O.ITDA is also promoted and posted in Srikakulam district as J.C.From one year Bhadrachalam (south) division  failed to get one IFS officer and nagging with promoted/confirmed officers who worry about their pensions and benefits at the end and to satisfy their superiors at the cost of community.

The gramasabha held on 24th Jan,2014 resolved all the matters partaining to VSS management, Bamboo harvesting, sale and issue transport permit, utilise balance amount in the private account of VSS. All the efforts made by the Gramasabha are not even noticed by the concerned officers. They need 30% for every forestry work, otherwise they creat and manipulate even Rules and acts. This village has CFRA for 500 Ha and all the problems created since the villagers took the initiative to claim their rights

Controlling the fire from spreading into other areas

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