Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bamboo for Sale in Sirasanapalli Depot

Kalumula Mallesh, Timber Maistry selected and appointed by Gramasabha:

All villagers practicing lotting of Bamboo in 4 classes: 1. Super special, 2. Special 3. First Class and 4. 2nd , 3rd class depending up on the  girth (size) and straightness of the bamboo.

CLASSIFICATION AND LOTTING CRITERIA :Super special Class: 18 cms and above at base girth,Special Class : 15 Cms to 18 cms at base girth.1st Class : 12 cms to 15 cms at base girth.2nd class: 9 Cms to 12 Cms at base girth.3 rd Class : 9 cms below at base 


  1. We are glad to see the team with Baba Amte

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    Chatti Post, Chinthur Mandal, Khammam District,
    Andhra Pradesh, Pin Code: 507129.
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  2. Inspiring one. Whoever sees this will definitely be encouraged. Thanks to the whole team.

    Manohar Chauhan,
    Member, CSD, Odisha