Friday, July 18, 2014


Mohva seed collection starts in the last week of June and ends by July. The community has to debark the Seed to get Kernel for Oil extraction. This will be done manually for generations, no technology reached them so far. They collect all the seeds of their trees (50 to 100) and keep at a corner of the house and start the debarking, it takes lot of time and involve most of the family members. This year natural man soon delayed, but  sudden Cyclone made the process some more delay, the result is  damage to Mohve Seed which affects the Oil quantity and quality. The community  mix this with other good quality and sale it to middle man or businessman. The community forced to dry the seed through heating process. If they provided with DECORTICATOR which help them to remove bark easily, will be more helpful for tribal community in the region. 

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