Tuesday, July 8, 2014


EXTRACTION AND EXPLOITATION IN MOHVA SEED (OIL): In Chinturu Mandal Head quarter there are 4 oil extractors are working. The community (ST) members bring their Mohva seed (debarked manually and dried) from around villages of 20 to 30 Kms away and wait for their round to get the job done may be 5,6 hours. More women come for Oil extraction. The miller charges Rs.4.00 per Kg and extract Oil 30% to 40% depending on the seed quality etc;. The pulp remains with miller with no cost, he just keep it with him, later they sell it  @Rs.5.00 per kg (We came to knew in Hyderabd cost is Rs.8.00) to middleman or agents who came from Chattisgarh (neighboring state) and Vijayawada. The pulp again used to extract Oil 20% to 30% in factories then remained pulp will be used as fertilizer and feed for fish. Now in our Chinturu mandal the middle man from Chattisgarh making rounds to the interior villages with all equipment to get the Mohva seed on   barter system 2 kgs Rice for 1 kg of Mohva Dal.

Tribal women waiting from 4 hours to get their round to extract Oil.

Mohva SEED pulp kept for sale in Mill.

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