Sunday, October 26, 2014


Tribal community uses the VILSA bamboo for making Bow and Arrow. They select the Bamboo from clump based on the distance of nods (preferring long distance nods) for Bow and collect small sticks like a little big to pencil size for Arrow. Both are collected form VILSA Bamboo only. It has small hole in the middle and has good Quality and Quantity of pulp. They process it by heating (in smoke and fire) the Bamboo pieces for three times in a span of 3, 4, days and keep them. They say that the bamboo will not damage and no borer try to make it damage. Each family will have 3 to 4 bows according to number of male members of the family. In these pictures we can observe the tribes from distance place (neighboring state) come to this area for collection of this kind of bamboo.  

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