Friday, November 7, 2014

Business link with BamboohouseIndia

After six months of our interaction with BamboohouseIndia,Hyderabad, we were able to supply Bamboo mats (6"x4") made by Koda Reddy (PTG). Mr. K.Mallesh of Sirasanapalli village took the responsibility to monitor the activity. Mr. Prasanth, Founder of The BamboohouseofIndia is agreed to pay Rs.110/- per mat. At present Konda Reddy community selling their mats (5"x 3.5") @Rs. 40/- or 50/- to middlemen who came from Chinturu and they bring the mats to sandy for sale. However this contract/contact offer good income to KondaReddy community. Bamboohouseindia requires 300 mats for every month. We discussed about transportation. Sri. Prasanth garu agreed to take the responsibility of transportation on their own.

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