Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The interior design we had happen to catch at interior  village K.Dabbaguda of Munchingiput mandal of Visakha district. The Porja women put these designs on the walls of front side of the house, which increases the aesthetic look.


Visiting Asarada village in Munchingaput Mandal of Visakha district along with         Sri.S.S. Maiti, Deputy General Manager-cum-Regional Manager, TRIFED, Hyderbad for learning KUSUM LAC cultivation (On farm training). Learned and inspired with the experiences of the farmers of Lac cultivation, Asha wish to introduce in Chinturu area, since their area have number of Kusum trees in natural forests. It is learnt that one farmer can earn upto Rs.15,000/- from each tree for a period of six months and single crop. There are many things to learn. Asha propose to select farmers and organize training in the coming month. 

TRIFED, DGM Visit to Asha

Sri. S.S.Maiti, DGM-cum-Regional Manager, TRIFED distributing the certificate to the tribal women beneficiary Ms. Jaggamma of Ratnapuram village on participation of two days training programme on "Primary collection and value addition to Myrobalan" organized by Asha in association with TRIFED. 

Sri. S.S.Maiti, DGM-cum-RM. releasing a booklet on COMMUNITY SEED BANKS published by NBPGR

Sri. S.S. Maiti, DGM-cum-RM, TRIFED, R.O. Hyderabad addressing the participants on "CONSERVATION OF NATIVE BIODIVERSITY AND ROLE OF MFP IN TRIBAL ECONOMY"

Saturday, February 21, 2015


AWARENESS ON BIODIVERSITY: A camp organised in association with NBPGR (National Beauro of Plant Genetic Resources) in Yerrampeta mandal head quarter. Dr. Sarath Babu, Principal Scientist of NBPGR spoked about the conservation of native seed biodiversity and their role in helping for promoting Community Seed Banks in Chinturu area. Dr. Someshwar rao garu,NBPGR, Prof: V.V.N.Simha Rao, Honarary President, Asha, Sri. S.S. Maiti, Deputy General Manager, TRIFED, Ministry of Traibal Affarirs, Government of India and Sub-divisional Forest Officer joined the event. Distributed 200 agricultural Tool kits consisting of 1.Crow bar, 2. Spade, 3. plough, 4. Axe and 5. Gamela to the  farmers gorwing traditional Seeds as identified by Asha in Chinturu Mandal villages. Primitive Tribal Groups were given priority since they are still practicing their traditional  indigenous Seeds. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rs."0" in Andhra and Rs.100/- in Chattisgar

Rs."0" in Andhra and Rs.100/- in Chattisgarh: Cassia tora Linn: Chakunda (Hindi) Thentam-Emapalli (Telugu) Seeds were sold at Rs.100/-. This plant grows like wead in the fields of our agency areas. These seeds are used by pharmasuticals for making medicines to treat Skin disease, Asthma and Diarrhoea. Our people dont collect and use the seed or leaf. For every known and unknown variety of Minor Forest Produce in our forests has demand in Chattisgarh. Our tribal people used to collect number of MFPs and take them to KONTA sandy on Thursday for sale. All the  time, they get good amount of money than Andhra and some times they get Rice by barter system. However, our people take more MFP to Chattisgarh because of market for every seasonal and nonseasonal forest produce. Our Government and private sector should ponder into real values of the MFP and create an opportunities to Tribal community for sustainable livelihoods.