Saturday, February 21, 2015


AWARENESS ON BIODIVERSITY: A camp organised in association with NBPGR (National Beauro of Plant Genetic Resources) in Yerrampeta mandal head quarter. Dr. Sarath Babu, Principal Scientist of NBPGR spoked about the conservation of native seed biodiversity and their role in helping for promoting Community Seed Banks in Chinturu area. Dr. Someshwar rao garu,NBPGR, Prof: V.V.N.Simha Rao, Honarary President, Asha, Sri. S.S. Maiti, Deputy General Manager, TRIFED, Ministry of Traibal Affarirs, Government of India and Sub-divisional Forest Officer joined the event. Distributed 200 agricultural Tool kits consisting of 1.Crow bar, 2. Spade, 3. plough, 4. Axe and 5. Gamela to the  farmers gorwing traditional Seeds as identified by Asha in Chinturu Mandal villages. Primitive Tribal Groups were given priority since they are still practicing their traditional  indigenous Seeds. 

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