• *  In 46 Villages we formed 46 women Minor Forest Collectors Associations with 1380 members and provided Seed capital for encouraging entrepreneurship by value addition activities of Minor Forest Produce.
  • *  We arranged One Boat worth of Rs: 25,000/- to Mr Paida Gangulu, Patel(Village Elder) of Vemulari Village Through ITDA Bhadrachalam.  He is a handicapped now his family getting livelihood on this boat giving services to Orissa and Andhra People to cross the Sileru River.
  • *  We have negotiated/ fought with A.P.F.D for grant of Rs. 5.00Lakhs to Sirasanapalli VSS under APCFM Scheme the sale amount of Bamboo i.e.100% share, this is the first share amount received by VSS in theKhammam District.
  • *  We Selected and appointed Community Health Workers(CHWs) in 20 Villages , now they are serving their own community in their own village and they are helping patients to get treatment from Mandal Headquarters and Bhadrachalam.
  • *  In 20 Villages we Supplied Free seedlings like Guava, Mango, Papaya, Drum stick, regularly for five years.  And the people are eating the fruits.
  • *  We organized 5 NFE Centers in 5 Villages for 3 years.  Around 20Children and youth are made literates.
  • *  We conducted a study on Impact of felling on regeneration oBamboo(D.S) in Eastern Ghats”.
  • *   We initiated 10 V.S.S in Chinturu and Lakkavaram Rages of  Bhadrachalam South Division and formed Chairmans Network at Range and Division Level.
  • *   We developed 100 acres of land ( Land leveling, de- Stumping and Bunding) belonging to 100 tribal farmers in 6 village and we supplied Agriculture implements and we gave trainings on NPM and IPM practices.
  • *   Since 10 years we are running one CRECHE center for 0 to 5 year age children at Gondigudem / Dabbagudem Village.
  • *  We formed a network of voluntary Organizations called as SAGIT(Sabari Action Group for Integral Transformation) with the V.Os working on Sabari and Godawari belt agency.  And the focus of the network is Environment, Empowerment and Education.
  • *   In  2006 floods we organized relief and rehabilitation to 304  families of
  • *   2 villages (Chuturu and Mukunuru) with the support of CWS Hyderabad.
  • *  We prepared contingent plans (Flood emergency plan) for two villages i.e.Mukunuru and Chuturu.
  • *    Value addition training on Mohva Flower and seed for 300 Tribal women beneficiaries.
  • *    Formulation of 42 Self Help Groups in 8 Grama Panchayaths of Chinturu Revenue Mandal.
  • *    Sustainable harvesting of Bamboo in Natural forests.
  • *    Conservation of native Seed Bio-diversity.
  • *    National Environment Awareness Campaign
  • *    Awareness on tribal rights acts such as PESA, FRA 2006.
  • *    Training on Lac cultivation (On farm training) 150 Tribal beneficiaries.
  • *   Training on making Bamboo products : decorative and utilities for 150 Tribal and PTG (Konda Reddi) youth


*  AWARD OF APPRECIATION FOR THE BEST SERVICES (Best NGO in the District) DURING 2013. Awarded by the District Collector, Khammam on the auspicious day 67th Independence day celebrations (15.8.2013)
*   EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE graded by Deccan Development Society in National Environment Awareness Campaign 2013-14.
*  AWARD OF EXCELLANCE : Felicitated by Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity
*     Board, Government of Andhra Pradesh. On International Day of Biological Diversity 22nd May, 2014.

  • *   Impact of felling on regeneration of Bamboo (D strictus) in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh.
  • *  “Study on Status of Unemployed Tribal Youth in Chinturu Mandal” 2007.
  • *  Translation of book “ ON FARM CONSERVATION OF SEED-BOIDIVERSITY”  into Telugu regional        Language.
  • *  Guide lines for clump management – sustainable harvesting and conservation of Bamboo in natural forests.
  • *  The nutrient values of Small Millets (Telugu)
  • *  Mohva nutrients – eatables (English)
  • *  “What oil is to gulf can be herbs and NTFP for Indian economy” published in NIRD, Hyderabad.


*     Protection and management plan of Eastern Ghats.
*     Value addition to NTFP.
*     On farm conservation of Seed Biodiversity-NBPGR (National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources)
*     Facilitation Community Forest Rights-FRA.
*     Local Fund raising by COLLCETION OF OLD NEWS PAPERS.
*     Conservation of Natural Bamboo forests in Bhadrachalam South division.
*     Awareness on MGNREGA, RTI.
*     National Environment Awareness campaigns.
*     Flood relief and rehabilitation.
*     Sustainable Agricultural practices.
*     "Empowerment of Tribal women through income generation from un-tapped Natural resources by adopting appropriate technology"